Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old Love

No, not that kind of old love! I'm talking about Old Love, the tumblr dedicated to love's lost. I've been looking through this tumblr for a few days now. That's how I get when I discover something new, lol. Some I remember, like Brad and Jen (sigh), but some are so out of left feild, like Jack Black and Kathy Griffin (if you find it on the tumblr, there's an interesting story that goes along with that). But mostly I just like to look at how happy and in love they were at one point. It's positively endearing! Which bring us full circle back to Carl and Ellie...

Below are some of my favorites, including links to what I most associate with them.. humor, nostalgia, awesomeness.... 
kate and johnny. has a good ring to it right?
no doubt members, gwen stefani and tony kanal. in high school!
SJP with RDJ... before matthew...
eartha kitt and sammy davis jr.
linda evangelista and kyle maclachlan. really?!
kathy griffin and jack black. brief, yet clearly sizzling. clearly.
tupac and jada! they claim it was platonic...
shh. don't tell hilary; it's aaron and lindsay.
ad-rock and molly. and some girl flippin' the shit out.
ed norton knows what's up with the latina ladies. right salma?
cute wittle audrey hepburn and some guy named mel ferrer
and of course... always remember, never forget.


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