Monday, January 30, 2012

A night down town

Here's a little tribute to one of our favorite vintage stores in down town Elgin. It's Keeny's, of course! A sporting goods store on top and a vintage treasure below. We had to buy our middle school gym uniforms from here and that's when I first found out about what the basement held. Such AMAZING clothes!! Although, I didn't fully enjoy it until I got a little older. haha The owner's name was Patricia Keeney. She was a funky little old lady. She always had on all this crazy cool jewelry and she'd always be watching some soap opera up in the sporting goods area. She passed away recently and even though her fellow shop owners kept her shop open for a bit after that, I only ever see it look like it does above lately. : / I miss Keeney and I miss her amazing collection of clothes, jewelry, dishware, magazines, books, toys, and so much more.   

Store front window display

On Friday, Anna and I went out to dinner with our parents. We went to Al's cafe and creamery. I may or may not have already mentioned Al's before. I lovelovelove Al's! And isn't it such a cute place?? I think it used to be the post office or an office building. I'm not sure. It's just really old and still has a lot of features from whatever it used to be inside.

Featured is a picture of their amazing veggie cheese burger, my favorite. Also a picture of an onion that I thought looked like a power ranger and Anna thought it looked like Nacho Libre. What do YOU think?!

So on our way home after dinner I had our mom pull over so I could take some pictures of Keeney's and of course an outfit shoot. Our first public shot, apart from those people in a van in our driveway. haha I have to admit, it was a little awkward. I feel awkward enough taking pictures in front of Anna but add in my parents and complete strangers! AWKward. haha

Denim jacket: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Scarf: Borrowed from my mom
Belt: Thrifted
Socks: Borrowed from Anna (Forever 21)
Shoes: Thrifted
I styled my hair in a cute bun thanks to Ticktockvintage!

Chilly out!
 Count down 'till my birthday is 6 days! AH! Time can't move fast enough. :] I'm even more excited for next weekend because that's when we'll be going to Chicago for my birthday party! I'm still unsure of who is all going but I know that it'll be a hoot and a hollar. I hope Max's brother, Kevin, will let Max use his i.d. so that Max can come too and out to the bars with us. I wasn't sure what we were going to do with Max and for a while there it looked like he wouldn't be coming at all, but hopefully things are looking up! I'm staying positive and hopeful. It kinda sucks that my boyfriend and most of my friends aren't 21 yet. I'm totally a girl who will buy liquor for everyone, but who wants to go to the bars if you can't go with your friends? *Sigh* BUT soon enough we all will be! And what a joyous occasion that will be. MMHMM! I'm just worried about being carded EVERYWHERE I go! haha I mean, I get carded 3 times trying to get into an R rated film at the movie theater! Who knows when the "mature" look will finally kick in. Then again, when it does, I'll probably weep for my younger years. But that's all in the future. Let's just make it to Sunday first. ha!

See ya guys then!

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