Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turning 24

wheeeere have i beeeen? i haven't been feeling very up to blogging for the past month or so. i kept putting off my mom's visit post and now it's been a month and a half since she left. i have been taking pictures though, and i have a small stockpile of photos and outfits to share. i didn't want to post them, though, until i took care of my mom's post and that never happened and blah blah blah....

anyway, something else has come up that's worth sharing. my birthday, of course! that's right boys and girls, i make my triumphant return to the blog talking about a day dedicated to my existence. i am one of my favorite people, after all...

but seriously, you only turn 24 once. aaaand i bought a new dress. two, in fact. here's one:

dress: H&M
sweater, tights: The Gap
boots: gift! Sorel
headband: gift! knit by my mama!
button: antique show
necklace: Flapper Doodle pendant a la Scathingly Brilliant's Etsy

i had an absolutely wonderful birthday, one of the best. school was a breeze on wednesday. four of my 6th grade girls came in to my room, told me to close my eyes, surprised me with a pyramid of cookie pies complete with birthday candles, and sang to me! it was so heartwarming! then i had my last kindergarten class of the year. one class made me flowers and the other gave me a party hat. best of all was when they all gave me hugs ^^

after school, i grabbed dinner at a nearby galbi place with a few friends from my building. we got some mekju and soju in us (beer and, well, soju), and then headed to woodstock on the other side of town. woodstock is this great little lp bar with tons and tons of old records. and it's run by this sweet little korean man. so we drank some drinks and listened to some tunes and had ourselves a grand time! it was so nice to have everyone together and happy and it made me happy and so thankful. it made being away from my family and friends at home a little easier.

so many faces
super cool, right?

so thanks for the laughs and the beers and the cards and the gifts and the love i received this year from everyone who thought of me today. or rather, yesterday. round two this weekend! let's see if my person and anything else i take with me makes it safely home and in one piece.

over and out!

oh! and did you notice? i dyed my hair! i went for an ombre thing... i like it.. but it's strange looking down and seeing a different color. i've never had my hair dyed before, but i was in need of a mini makeover, so it's fun having a sort of new accessory to play around with.