Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 Last photo shoot Anna did for me. This is the outfit I wore for my birthday, minus the tights, (which were Anna's) and plus a necklace cause I meant to bring one but totally forgot that night. I really love this dress but I wish it was more of a day to day sort of dress. I mean, it's really nice to have a dressy dress. But the problem is that I have a lot of those types of dresses. I need the spring collection to hit my local thrift shops so I can stock up on some cuter attire.

    Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Borrowed from Anna
Necklace: Gift (Brooke and Sam)

The snow hit us really quick. The weather this year has been so crazy. It was so snowy and yet not that cold! So Anna, Storm, and me had a little snow fight in the backyard. Plus, we made a snow man.. type thing. hahaha Not really sure what to call it, really. 

Don't make fun. It just started happening, all the pieces coming together. hahaha 

I will say the bonus part of Anna leaving is the outfits she left behind. Spent most of last night trying on different combos. No, but I do miss her and now I feel like nothing interesting in going on here anymore. Who am I going to go out with now? I mean, I guess all the same people from before, but I won't have my best friend to get ready with and to share a joke with when everyone else is looking the other way. But we received an email at 4 am (here) saying she was there and that she was going out to lunch with her coworkers. I hope she can sign on soon and give more details about her adventure. 

{Check out this cute necklace.}

Until next time,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goodbye, Anna!

Anna left today! She's currently on the plane and on her way to San Francisco where she's got a very long lay over, but will be hanging out with another one of our Elgin friend's who is also out there at the moment. So, I'm glad she won't be alone and that she'll have a good place to sleep for the night. Tomorrow's flight takes her away from U.S. and us. I miss her so much already and even just seeing Pinot makes me wanna cry. haha But I know that she'll have an amazing time and I know I'll have lots of adventures here too. I think I'm going to start a journal about my days because even though she was home for longer than she has been for a while, I feel like it wasn't enough. I can look back and remember some of the fun things we did but not all and it makes me sad because I feel like we should have done more. Should have gone out more, should have hung out more, should have talked more. Maybe keeping a journal will help remind me of everything I do so when I look back I won't have left anything out. I don't want to forget my past and only remember the extra fun things. I want to be able to remember laying on the couch watching Adventure Time. 

I'm rambling now. I hope she gets there safe and that we get a nice welcome to Korea blog post soon when she's all settled in. :]

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye Party

 This past Saturday I and a bunch of my family and friends went out for a night out in Elgin. We went to this joint, The Dutch Inn, which has a kind of dive-bar kind of feel. It's nothing special, but it's a fun little place. It was SUPER crowded that night, weird for a Saturday, riiight? But we managed to find a little nook for our party.

It was so great getting a chance to see everyone out one last time. I'm going to miss everyone so much! Like, SO MUCH. I was originally going to leave as soon as I could, and that meant this past November, but after thinking about being gone for Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, Marybeth's 21st birthday... I'm glad I decided to wait. Plus Winter's such a dreary time to move to a whole new place. Spring is coming and so is a new beginning. Much more appropriate.
a high school throw
 Even my boyfriend Cole came to visit again from Minnesota! It was a bitter sweet weekend for that reason too though. It will be the last time I will see him for a whole year! Perhaps we'll be able to arrange a reunion in Korea... :)
both of our boys. so handsome!
a funny one!
and a nice one :)
lol ^chapstick
ewww dirty pool table
lookin' goood girl!
sister, liz and our cousin, christina. what a cute pair girls, huh?
our mom and our cousin!
sisters and their beaus

Until next time, loves,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prairie Dog

These are from a couple weeks ago when Bette and I went to the Bird Sanctuary. Her photo shoot came first, mine came second. The camera died before we could get too many pictures, but I still wanted to share what we managed to get.

This is probably one of my favorite dresses. It fits great, has a pretty flower print, and little pearl buttons down the front. Best of all? I found it at a thrift store! Someone else didn't want it, so it became my little treasure. I paired it with a pair of black boots, which make me feel tough, and I totally feel like I belong in the 90's. What I really need are a pair of Doc Martens, right?
dress, boots, jacket: thrifted
tights: Forever21
necklace: Flapper Doodle
headband: borrowed
me and my warrior dog (on loan)
we'll go as far as that farm house.... there...
Going away "party" tonight at the Dutch Inn! Pictures to follow...? Oh, I'm sure, so long as we're not too much of a mess.

Adios mis amigos,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stoop Kid

Here's what I wore subbing yesterday. I went to a high school, but taught multiply handicap kids, so they were  little developmentally behind. I also supervised (and I use that word lightly) another, more severe, developmentally delayed class of nonverbal kids. In the latter class there was a girl who loved looking at my watch, but she was also kind of a biter so if she got too close, she'd try to have a nibble!  Really sweet kids though, all of them. It was a fun and interesting experience. It's amazing the patience those teachers have with them.

One girl in the higher level class was telling me how she was going to be switched to be in regular classes next year as a sophomore and how excited she was. Sometimes I wish I were a more permanent in schools so I could check in with students or see how/where they end up. I mean, how much impact does a substitute have on someone? I only remember subs who we teased or were unpleasant. Maybe I'll instill some type of knowledge that they will tuck away until they need it, but can't remember where it cam from. On the other hand, when I get to teach in Korea, I will be a permanent fixture in these kids education for a whole year! They'll HAVE to remember me. How crazy is that! Someday those kids will be adults speaking English partly because of me! .... oh god, hahaha.

sweater: Forever 21
skirt, shoes: thrifted
tights: i don't remember
earrings, necklace: Icing (closing sale!)
watch: gift

and, uh, sorry about the wrinkles. i had just gotten home from work.

I had two kittehs join me on the photoshoot, Pinot and Chippy. I almost had a third but Bette scared Josie away! She can be kind of skittish. And I don't believe you've met Chippy yet. She's out geriatric granny cat. She is a whopping 19 year old, as far as we can remember. She's still got a lot of spunk too! Even if sometimes she look a little haggard...
also, please ignore the cat hair. we've learned to.

Adios mis amigos,
Ms. Flores

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, it's Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day from the Flores Sisters! I, Anna, don't much care for the holiday. I think people put too much importance on a day where you're supposed show someone you love them, when you should just do that all the time. This day holds no importance to me, that's all; it's just a day in February. Perhaps the fact that my sweetheart is faraway living in Minnesota doesn't help either. Of course, I don't mind getting free Fannie May mints from my mom in honor of the holiday!

Now, everyone else is still entitled to celebrating the day dedicated to love anyway they'd like. Marybeth, for example, is out seeing a movie with her beau, Max. Dinner and smooches are probably involved, as well.

So this February 14th, if you have someone, enjoy their company, but don't worry about making a huge deal about it. If you want your significant other to make a huge deal about it, I suggest you relax some and be happy you have someone to love you. If you don't have anyone, treat yourself, be patient and happy and please do not fret; think about how much money you're saving!

But no matter what, this Valentine's Day, laugh a little!
a little extreme?
... me in bed.
he does make a convincing argument...
nothing weird about this black cat with yellow eyes offering me a valentine. nope.
a witch's valentine, my pretty!
more like my vealentine!... baby cow meat... :(
i'll have mine ala mode
slightly threatening valentines give me tingles.
rounding things out with a little racism.
how could i forget a face like that!
for those of you into s&m and/or kittens.
quick, while she's still warm...
for the single folk. there's always next year.
for cole :)
Happy February 14th ervrybody!