Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sharing the limelight

Anna sure has been posting a lot lately. But that's okay. I just haven't had the time! It was my birthday on Sunday!! YAY! Finally, I'm 21! And it's been awesome. I love not having to feel bad about not being old enough anymore!! Although, since I still haven't gotten my new I.D. yet a lot of people have looked at it, opened their mouths to say something, realize I actually AM old enough, and hand it back. But I can live with that. :]

Sweater: Thrift
Pants: Thrifted (re-sewn to make skinny)
Shoes: Thrifted (They're 1/2 size too big but I couldn't resist!)
Necklace: Thrifted

We didn't take a lot of pictures on my actual birthday because we're really celebrating it THIS weekend with a trip to Chicago and going to see Second City. After midnight, I did go out to a bar for karaoke though and then I hit up Elgin's casino boat where they gave me a free case of Coke and a first AID kit (which I forgot in Brooke's car).
I also won .60 cents! After losing $15.. haha I guess I won't have to worry about a gambling problem. I did not like losing my money. But Brooke (Max's sister) won some money and so did a couple of my other friends, so that was good. After the casino we went to another bar a little more well known where they play country up until 2 am but the night we went, at 2 am mind you, they were still playing country. We tried to dance a little bit but it was line dancing... haha not my kind of dancing. 

And so Sunday afternoon my family, Max, and I went out for brunch where I got a little drunk on two drinks. haha Had to come home and take a little nap after those two. I still had homework to do for Monday because my lazy self put it off. So I started that a bit until I went to Max's house for dinner. We had make your own tacos, which were AMAZING! Plus sweet wine and Janine made us shots of marshmallow vodka and Bailey's (dangerous combination, but SO GOOD). Plus we got to enjoy skipping through the super bowl to watch the commercials. :D I will admit right now though that my homework was finished with a brain that was definitely under the influence. haha Good thing it was opinion based questions. Max's dad, Bill, took some shots of us taking shots. Hope you enjoy. :]

 But MORE pictures are to come this weekend. Hopefully on Sunday. I am SO excited!!


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