Thursday, February 9, 2012

Style Icon: Cassie from Skins

Cassie Ainsworth is the angelic, misunderstood, on-again-off-again love interest of Sid from the original UK version of Skins. And Skins, if you don't already know, is the amazing teen drama based around a group of students who love to drink, party, do drugs. But it's never really as simple as that, though, is it? These kids deal with relationship drama, stalkers, death, accidents, homosexuality, heterosexuality... The first two seasons are my favorite. The show changes its focus to other characters in the later seasons and I just don't seem to care as much, but that's just me. It's available on Netflix if you'd like to look into it.... I'd highly recommend it.

Cassie, especially, has her fair share of drama. She's a free spirit with an eating disorder who has parents who just don't care enough. She loves Sid, but they have a very complicated, sometimes awkward, relationship. She's passionate and thoughtful, but probably a little bit crazy. The thing is though, everyone is a little bit crazy, she just doesn't give a shit who thinks so, which I find admirable. Cassie's style is a bit schizophrenic and eclectic. It's playful and funny and she doesn't follow any type of "rules". She reminds me of what a child would dress like in an adult body (even though they probably weigh the same in Cassie's case).

"oh wow, you're lovely"
So thanks, Cassie, for being you at whatever the cost. 

Adios mis amigos,
cassie and sid. d'awwwww!


  1. This is just lovely! I absolutely adore Cassie's style and I loved the way you wrote about it :)