Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bittersweet Goodbye Party

 This past Saturday I and a bunch of my family and friends went out for a night out in Elgin. We went to this joint, The Dutch Inn, which has a kind of dive-bar kind of feel. It's nothing special, but it's a fun little place. It was SUPER crowded that night, weird for a Saturday, riiight? But we managed to find a little nook for our party.

It was so great getting a chance to see everyone out one last time. I'm going to miss everyone so much! Like, SO MUCH. I was originally going to leave as soon as I could, and that meant this past November, but after thinking about being gone for Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, Marybeth's 21st birthday... I'm glad I decided to wait. Plus Winter's such a dreary time to move to a whole new place. Spring is coming and so is a new beginning. Much more appropriate.
a high school throw
 Even my boyfriend Cole came to visit again from Minnesota! It was a bitter sweet weekend for that reason too though. It will be the last time I will see him for a whole year! Perhaps we'll be able to arrange a reunion in Korea... :)
both of our boys. so handsome!
a funny one!
and a nice one :)
lol ^chapstick
ewww dirty pool table
lookin' goood girl!
sister, liz and our cousin, christina. what a cute pair girls, huh?
our mom and our cousin!
sisters and their beaus

Until next time, loves,

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