Saturday, February 4, 2012

Highschool Daze

do you like the bug?
Heyooo! Another school outfit fromlast Thursday. I went and taught at my old high school. I've been back a few times to sub before this. I keep thinking I recognize students, but I won't know anyone still enrolled there. At least, from when I went there. I think there are just the same types of people, so they look familiar. There are the big jock guys, there are the skinny girls with their shiny, straightened hair, there are the goofy academy kids (my school has a fine arts academy), the kids that kind of scare me, and so on. I knew those kids. I was one of them. Hell, I could still pass for one*.

I also saw some real familiar faces, ones that I am supposed to recognize, the faculty. I saw an art teacher, AP English teacher, and my old band teacher (who is actually retiring this year), and a few others. It's also a comfort to know these kids are going through the same teachers as I did. Suckers. (just kidding).

on Anna:
shirt: gift (Banana Republic)
sweater: American Eagle
skirt: Forever 21
belt, shoes: thrifted
tights: borrowed from Bette
headband: borrowed from Mom


so i forgot to include pictures w/o the sweater, and in turn forgot to put my headband back on. oops!
Sometimes I still miss high school. You see your friends everyday, someone feeds you, there's a routine to it... It's like it's own little world. But then I remember that I hated high school near the end and how much schoolwork and homework suck and how much you really don't like most your classmates after being with them for 4 or more years. ALSO how much more interesting being an adult can be. I'm going to ignore all the stuff about bills, work, responsibilities for right now and just remember that I can go to bars and come home however late I want. Woo! Let's celebrate adulthood by having cookies for breakfast!

I'm also set to arrive in Korea at the end of this month! Ah!!! I've been waiting a long time to go, but I'm still super nervous and anxious about being on my own in a country I've never been to. But there's no turning back now :)

Going for a walk with Bette! Pictures to come...

Adios amigos,

*BTW, I went to a band concert there in December for old time sake (I used to play the French Horn) and I got in at student price. Wooot! $1 instead of $2; that's 50% off!

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