Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's actually get to it!

This past weekend, we went to "unnoffical" Halloween at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. We were visiting a friend of ours, Kaley. She's such a doll. Actualy, no, she was a nerd; I was a doll. Badum chhh! I picked up this blue dress at this boutique style resale shop. Kind of expensive, but the dress turned out to be 10$. It's two pieces, a plastic (crinoline?) dress underneath and a sheer dress over that. Too be honest, it was pretty tight and it completely flattened my chest. If not for my make-up, I could've passed for a kid! Bah. Everyone already thinks I look too young for 22.

Speakings of looking young, Marybeth and I were mistaken for twins 3 times while we were on our trip! I like to ask which one of us they think is older. It goes both ways. I figure I'll deal with it for now. I'll rub it in her face later when instead of looking mature, she looks old, and I still have my youthful glow and exuberance.

Anyway, Marybeth and I arranged two costumes for Friday and Saturday night. Mine, doll, as mentioned. Marybeth found an Indian costume in our chest of old costumes in our basement. She sewed up the sides have it be more fitted.

We had a fun weekend as I hope you can tell. We even managed to get our train outfits while we were in Chicago waiting for our Carbondale bound train. Yay! I'll add our other night of costumes later! Doing this one blog has proven to be more time consuming than earlier anticipated.. haha, I'm sure it gets easier as it becomes more routine. And it shall become a routine... :)
shorts: ebay, flannel, boots, belt: thrift store, tights: Betsey Johnson, T-shirt: Flaming Lips concert (Bonaroooo!), hat: closet, sunglasses: Old Navy, jacket: Forever21

Sweater: borrowed from Anna, tank: American Eagle, leggings: Forever21, shoes: Urban Outfitters, sunglasses: adopted from Anna/Forever21
Doll Anna!

Native American or Pocahontas
Kaley, Marybeth, and me! Purty girls.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To new beginnings..

Well, we finally did it. We made a style blog. I'm proud of us, sister! Now if only I could wake up early enough in the morning to capture your cute substitute teacher outfits. ;D Ah, well, I'll catch you when you get home. I just wanted to make an official post and now we can get things going.

Can't wait to begin to share all of our personal style with the blogging world. Also, our opinions, cause you know I got 'em, and all those interesting things you find on StumbleUpon, cause I love when you share them with me.