Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's go on an adventure!

This weekend I went to Chicago with my friend, Melissa. I met Melissa in 3rd grade and it's been a miracle that we've been able to stay such great friends since. We weren't always in school together and we've had a falling out or two but the fates have seen it fit that we pull through and whenever we get together it's always so much fun and so easy to pick up exactly where we left off. I love her and this weekend was just another crazy story to add to our collection. :D

The night began late afternoon at my house. We had a bottle of wine, music, and a hot bathroom filled with hair products and make up. haha I tried really hard to curl her hair but it resisted my attempts. Oh well, she still looked amazing in the outfit we put together and I made a cute little hair braid headband upon her request.

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21 (I believe)
Shoes: Ross
Necklace: Thrift
Purse: Gift
I can't really remember where most of my accessories came from but I did buy the dress at a second hand shop in the city. A lucky find, I say, but I did manage to spill purple juice on the front of it early on so it's probably screwed for life now. :/  

Unfortunately, there was a smudge on my lens that I didn't see so a lot of the photos have that blurry mess in them but we can look past that. We were in a hurry to catch our train out there so we just snapped a few in the backyard and left. 

So off we went to the city in search of an adventure. We got off at Union station and walked the mile and a half to Millennium park to see the notorious bean! 

Right below the bean was an outdoor bar/restaurant, so we decided to get our first drink there and then our second... and third.... and fourth... haha We ended up hanging out at that bar for basically the rest of the night. Our bartender was super friendly and we were having such a good time catching up. The black hawk's game was on as well and, although I haven't really watched any of their games, Melissa was into it and so was everyone around us! the atmosphere was intoxicating and I was intoxicated so I cheered as loud as everyone else when they won! 

At this bar we were sitting next to this really nice French couple and ended up hanging out with them the rest of the night! They were so friendly and super funny! After the game ended our bartender recommended a bar across the street to go to next. Our bill ended up being a lot cheaper than we thought and we were really excited and feeling good! The four of us went to Rudy's bar and our bartender ended up meeting us there as well! I wasn't feeling drinking at that point and was getting pretty tired but our train didn't leave until 12:40 so we hung out for a while and Melissa had a few more drinks. haha Finally, it came time for us to start the walk back to Union station. Melissa and I headed out and our bartender friend decided to follow us out. 

We were having a great time laughing and walking, trying to find our way back. Unfortunately, we didn't exactly know where we were going and our "friend" wouldn't help us out until it was too late. At 12:30 he went ahead and let us know that we were no where close and would never catch the train in time. Stunned we went into the nearest bar and sat down trying to figure out what we were going to do next. Melissa was so mad she ordered a bunch of drinks and put it under our newest enemy's name. I promptly went to the bathroom to have a pity party and to call Max. We were screwed. That was the last train until morning and we were stuck in the city. Melissa started calling people she knew to help us get out of there but I said fuck it and ran outside, found the nearest cab, and asked if he's take us back to Elgin. 

$155 later we were finally home. Good thing we barely paid for anything while we were in the city because that taxi ride cleaned me out. But what was our alternative? Stay in the city with a stranger? No thanks. Overall, the night was a blast. In the end it was just another part of the story to log away and something funny to laugh at later. I had so much fun and I hope Melissa did too. We always get into crazy shit when we're together but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stripe hype

Today is the day. I'm back as well and here to say that I love summer! The weather has been unreliable but today is beautiful and we just got our new air conditioner so we are feeling gooooooood! Also, I've had a few of these so they are fueling my words. WOOT!

Dress: Thrift
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Thrift
Sunglasses: Truck stop

So for those who haven't heard, Max and I have recently moved into my grandpa's house and are renting it from my mom. It's amazing to have our own place and it gave us the opportunity to adopt another member to our family, Lightning! I also just started a new job in replacement of Petsmart. I'm a groomer at a veterinarian clinic in South Elgin, Animal Care Clinic! I love my new job. I've been really busy and it feels good to have my own hours, be making new friends, and meeting new puppies! (and some old ones too ;D)

{Our baby, Lightning! Almost 6 months}

{Our beautiful, Storm!}

I love my girls so much! haha I tried including this leaf in my photo shoot, wasn't working for me, but they pull it off amazingly. <3

{Sister tattoo!}
Max and I have started planning our trip to go see Anna. We're leaving in September and we're going to spend a few days in the Philippines before finishing the trip in Korea. The luckiest part is that our layover is in South Korea and the plane we're boarding is the one Anna will be getting on! So we get to meet up and fly together! How exciting! I seriously am just waiting for the time to fly by before we're flying to South Korea! :D

Hopefully, we'll be posting more often!