Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stripe hype

Today is the day. I'm back as well and here to say that I love summer! The weather has been unreliable but today is beautiful and we just got our new air conditioner so we are feeling gooooooood! Also, I've had a few of these so they are fueling my words. WOOT!

Dress: Thrift
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Thrift
Sunglasses: Truck stop

So for those who haven't heard, Max and I have recently moved into my grandpa's house and are renting it from my mom. It's amazing to have our own place and it gave us the opportunity to adopt another member to our family, Lightning! I also just started a new job in replacement of Petsmart. I'm a groomer at a veterinarian clinic in South Elgin, Animal Care Clinic! I love my new job. I've been really busy and it feels good to have my own hours, be making new friends, and meeting new puppies! (and some old ones too ;D)

{Our baby, Lightning! Almost 6 months}

{Our beautiful, Storm!}

I love my girls so much! haha I tried including this leaf in my photo shoot, wasn't working for me, but they pull it off amazingly. <3

{Sister tattoo!}
Max and I have started planning our trip to go see Anna. We're leaving in September and we're going to spend a few days in the Philippines before finishing the trip in Korea. The luckiest part is that our layover is in South Korea and the plane we're boarding is the one Anna will be getting on! So we get to meet up and fly together! How exciting! I seriously am just waiting for the time to fly by before we're flying to South Korea! :D

Hopefully, we'll be posting more often!


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