Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wandering Away From Home

We left the comfort of our yard to take some location shots near downtown Elgin (which I don't know why we don't more often...). Our city is pretty historic, dating back to the 1850's! We became known for our famous Elgin watches, which became the largest producers of fine watches in the country. The factory switched to making supplies for World War II and it eventually went under, but the legacy remains. In fact, the clocks in Union Station, in Chicago, still bear the Elgin name! Supposedly...

I've decided that I need more crew neck sweaters. I only have two, and they only go so far. They're great for layering! Over dresses, button ups, t-shirts... plus they can carry themselves on their own.... and my chest won't get cold! Haha.
 on Anna:
sweater, shoes, coat: thrifted
dress (as skirt): Modcloth
tights: Betsy Johnson
headband: yoinked from mom

major tomcat!

Adios mis amigos,

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