Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, it's Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day from the Flores Sisters! I, Anna, don't much care for the holiday. I think people put too much importance on a day where you're supposed show someone you love them, when you should just do that all the time. This day holds no importance to me, that's all; it's just a day in February. Perhaps the fact that my sweetheart is faraway living in Minnesota doesn't help either. Of course, I don't mind getting free Fannie May mints from my mom in honor of the holiday!

Now, everyone else is still entitled to celebrating the day dedicated to love anyway they'd like. Marybeth, for example, is out seeing a movie with her beau, Max. Dinner and smooches are probably involved, as well.

So this February 14th, if you have someone, enjoy their company, but don't worry about making a huge deal about it. If you want your significant other to make a huge deal about it, I suggest you relax some and be happy you have someone to love you. If you don't have anyone, treat yourself, be patient and happy and please do not fret; think about how much money you're saving!

But no matter what, this Valentine's Day, laugh a little!
a little extreme?
... me in bed.
he does make a convincing argument...
nothing weird about this black cat with yellow eyes offering me a valentine. nope.
a witch's valentine, my pretty!
more like my vealentine!... baby cow meat... :(
i'll have mine ala mode
slightly threatening valentines give me tingles.
rounding things out with a little racism.
how could i forget a face like that!
for those of you into s&m and/or kittens.
quick, while she's still warm...
for the single folk. there's always next year.
for cole :)
Happy February 14th ervrybody!


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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you! These vintage cards are adorable. Thanks for sharing.