Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prairie Dog

These are from a couple weeks ago when Bette and I went to the Bird Sanctuary. Her photo shoot came first, mine came second. The camera died before we could get too many pictures, but I still wanted to share what we managed to get.

This is probably one of my favorite dresses. It fits great, has a pretty flower print, and little pearl buttons down the front. Best of all? I found it at a thrift store! Someone else didn't want it, so it became my little treasure. I paired it with a pair of black boots, which make me feel tough, and I totally feel like I belong in the 90's. What I really need are a pair of Doc Martens, right?
dress, boots, jacket: thrifted
tights: Forever21
necklace: Flapper Doodle
headband: borrowed
me and my warrior dog (on loan)
we'll go as far as that farm house.... there...
Going away "party" tonight at the Dutch Inn! Pictures to follow...? Oh, I'm sure, so long as we're not too much of a mess.

Adios mis amigos,

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