Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stoop Kid

Here's what I wore subbing yesterday. I went to a high school, but taught multiply handicap kids, so they were  little developmentally behind. I also supervised (and I use that word lightly) another, more severe, developmentally delayed class of nonverbal kids. In the latter class there was a girl who loved looking at my watch, but she was also kind of a biter so if she got too close, she'd try to have a nibble!  Really sweet kids though, all of them. It was a fun and interesting experience. It's amazing the patience those teachers have with them.

One girl in the higher level class was telling me how she was going to be switched to be in regular classes next year as a sophomore and how excited she was. Sometimes I wish I were a more permanent in schools so I could check in with students or see how/where they end up. I mean, how much impact does a substitute have on someone? I only remember subs who we teased or were unpleasant. Maybe I'll instill some type of knowledge that they will tuck away until they need it, but can't remember where it cam from. On the other hand, when I get to teach in Korea, I will be a permanent fixture in these kids education for a whole year! They'll HAVE to remember me. How crazy is that! Someday those kids will be adults speaking English partly because of me! .... oh god, hahaha.

sweater: Forever 21
skirt, shoes: thrifted
tights: i don't remember
earrings, necklace: Icing (closing sale!)
watch: gift

and, uh, sorry about the wrinkles. i had just gotten home from work.

I had two kittehs join me on the photoshoot, Pinot and Chippy. I almost had a third but Bette scared Josie away! She can be kind of skittish. And I don't believe you've met Chippy yet. She's out geriatric granny cat. She is a whopping 19 year old, as far as we can remember. She's still got a lot of spunk too! Even if sometimes she look a little haggard...
also, please ignore the cat hair. we've learned to.

Adios mis amigos,
Ms. Flores

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