Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goodbye, Anna!

Anna left today! She's currently on the plane and on her way to San Francisco where she's got a very long lay over, but will be hanging out with another one of our Elgin friend's who is also out there at the moment. So, I'm glad she won't be alone and that she'll have a good place to sleep for the night. Tomorrow's flight takes her away from U.S. and us. I miss her so much already and even just seeing Pinot makes me wanna cry. haha But I know that she'll have an amazing time and I know I'll have lots of adventures here too. I think I'm going to start a journal about my days because even though she was home for longer than she has been for a while, I feel like it wasn't enough. I can look back and remember some of the fun things we did but not all and it makes me sad because I feel like we should have done more. Should have gone out more, should have hung out more, should have talked more. Maybe keeping a journal will help remind me of everything I do so when I look back I won't have left anything out. I don't want to forget my past and only remember the extra fun things. I want to be able to remember laying on the couch watching Adventure Time. 

I'm rambling now. I hope she gets there safe and that we get a nice welcome to Korea blog post soon when she's all settled in. :]

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