Sunday, January 15, 2012

Those Crazy Girls...

Marybeth and I took these pictures yesterday right after we picked up some things from our favorite local thrift store. I had gone the day before after subbing at a nearby elementary school. How could I help myself? I found this sweater, with these darling sequined shoulders. And from H&M to boot! But the price tag had fallen off sometime in between when I first picked it up and when I was at the register; no price tag, no sale, they told me. So I had to come back the day after to buy it. Poor me. I also picked a couple belts, including this black one, during my second trip. How could I have not had a skinny black belt before yesterday? Now I don't need to borrow Marybeth's. I don't need to... 

sweater, skirt, belt: thrifted
tights: Target
shoes: I can't remember

Funny thing about these pictures too... Our dad sells firewood, and there was a family in a minivan waiting in our driveway while we took our pictures. Haha, they probably thought we were crazy taking pictures in the snow without any coats. Oh well. We are crazy.


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