Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pinot Grigio

She's staring into your soul. Cute!
Meet my kitty cat, Pinot (she's a real whiner..). Marybeth found her two summers ago near her boyfriend Max's house. She was a very friendly stray cat who Marybeth couldn't help but save. She has a real bleeding heart for animals. However, we already had enough animals at the house (I think we were at 6 at that time) so Marybeth couldn't keep her. My parents aren't completely heartless, though, so Pinot lived in my dad's woodpile, and my mom would bring food out to her (my mom called her Woody. Har.).

When I came home from college for a couple weeks that summer, I volunteered to take her back to Winona, MN, where I went to school, to live with someone up there who I knew. However, my boyfriend and I fell in love with her on that car ride up and we decided we wanted her all to ourselves! Buuuut... I couldn't have pets in my apartment, and while she stayed with Cole for about a month during the summer, she spent most of her year in Winona living at the ramshackle house, fondly referred to as The Canswer House, next door to my apartment. I visited her everyday, tried to do my part picking up after her and getting food to her (the owners also had 3 cats and a dog so she was in good company), but I couldn't help but be jealous of the boys who actually got to live with her.

But now that I'm home with my parents, I get to live with my cat. It's wonderful. It's more than wonderful. It's purrfect (I couldn't resist!). I'll be going away to Korea in less than two months, though, and we'll be separated again :( I look forward to the days when I have my own apartment (here in the states) and I can come home and greet my cat and we can hang out together like the mother/daughter/best friends that we are.

Wow, have I gone on too much?

shirt: Old Navy (from waaay back)
skirt, shoes: thrifted
sweater: borrowed from Marybeth
stockings: gift from Forever 21
watch: gift

This is the outfit I wore substituting the other day. I bought this skirt the same time I found the sparkly sweater a few posts back. I needed to find more conservative skirts to wear teaching (seeing as most of my favorites are above the knee, and probably just barely appropriate). I liked this one for the length, the pleats, and the pattern on the bottom. I'm not sure what else I'll wear with it, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. I think the maroon really brightens up the whole ensemble in a nice way! And, of course, I had an opportunity to wear the thigh high stockings Marybeth bought me for Christmas. Oh, joy!

Hasta luego!

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