Friday, January 27, 2012

Topgun Tomcat

Here's an outfit from the other day. I wore this awhile ago to Trivia at the Public House in Elgin. I sort of feel like a biker chick, except I the jacket is from the U.S. Air Force. Either way I feel cool and tough, but with a some sass and sweet mixed in too. The flowers are a given; they're one of my favorite prints (flores, flowers, you know...). The bright red lipstick is also fun seeing as I don't ever wear any. It can seem so intimidating. But I bought some for a wedding I went to a couple weeks ago, and it was expensive ($12 is a lot for someone who never buys make-up!) so I swore I'd wear it everyday. And, well, I haven't really done that, but I'm definitely on my way to evening out the value.

dress: borrowed from Bette, thrifted
jacket: borrowed from Bette, vintage
tights: Target
boots: thrifted
lipstick: Kohl's

Jump shot! One of many...

Storm's ready for the HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE.
A rare moment of peace between the two cousins.

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