Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Arted?

I drew this portraits for my sister, Liz, and her husband, Joe, for Christmas this year. She told me she would really like it if I drew her a picture or their family! I love drawing my own special caricatures of my friends and family :) So I thought about it, and decided to make individual portraits for each member, Wrigley the Weimaraner included. I even hand cut their name from the same paper I drew them on! Very careful work with an Exacto knife...

Last Spring, I did some other portraits commissioned by a girl I went to college with. She wanted me to make something for her son based off of the longer piece below that had been claimed by someone else already.

Trail of Fears, 2011
Going along with the monster theme, I created a series of school portraits. I cut out their silhouette, adhered it to Masonite wrapped in fabric, and framed them. I thought they came out pretty cute!

Post graduation has been pretty uninspiring as I haven't been creating much artwork. Now that I don't have to for an assignment, I decide not to. I'm getting to complacent. I'm getting soft. Creating the Denman's portraits was fun though. I need to get my hands on some Modge Podge, markers, and paper stat!


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