Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kinda fell behind there...

{Tree branches in our front yard}
So, the holidays were a pretty busy time for Anna and I. I feel bad that we've neglected our blog for so long. But that just means we have lots of lovely photos to show you! Above is a picture of frost covered tree branches in our front yard. SO pretty! We still haven't gotten a lot of snow yet so when I saw this one Sunday morning I knew I couldn't pass up a chance to capture it. Now... where to begin?

Let's start with our oldest sister Liz's birthday/Christmas Eve, otherwise known as Lizmas Eve. (yeah, she's a Christmas baby :]) We went out for brunch December 24th to celebrate our big sister turning 30! (She'll probably kill me for revealing that. haha) We went to a little breakfast place called Benedict's. That place is so cute and has realllly great food. We go there as a family often for special occasions. We gave Liz her birthday presents and enjoyed our bloody marys and mimosas. YUM!

Anna was keeping it cute and comfy that day.

She's wearing:
Sweater- GAP
Shirt- Thrifted from H&M
Pants- American Eagle
Boots- Forever 21

After brunch we came back home to rest our full bellies and to relax before the nights festivities! Our wonderful mother cooked us a delicious Christmas Eve dinner. Liz and her husband Joe came over, along with their pup, Wrigley. Our Grandpa came over for a bit as well and Max was there too! Then we exchanged Christmas gifts and had a couple glasses of wine before our parents, grandpa, and Liz & Joe went to midnight mass at our church. It was a great night and I couldn't wait for morning to come. 

I'm wearing:
Dress- Forever 21
Shirt- Target
Tights- Forever 21
Belt- Charming Charlie
Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Macy's
Bracelet- Mother's Day present from Max. XD

Then came Christmas morning! We all got up bright and early because I wanted to do Christmas morning at home with my family and also at Max's family's home too. All before noon when we were expected at our other Grandparents house for the Flores family christmas lunch. Our Christmas tree was LOADED this year! I know I checked a lot off my wish list that morning. I hope Anna got what she wanted as well. 

Above and on the left is our Christmas tree at home. The one on the right is the one at the O'Neill's. I think they need a bigger tree. ;]

{Max and our daughter puppy Storm on our way to the Flores' house! Which is actually right across the street from Max's house, if you can believe that!}

So we made it to Grandma and Grandpa's in good time. Not even the last to show up! Grandma Flores made an amazing lunch, as always! We all got to sit around drinking and joking around. I love gatherings at the Flores'. It's always so warm and happy. Before lunch and presents though Anna and I snuck Max off with us to take pictures in our grandparents yard because it is amazingly beautiful! Max sure enjoyed that part. haha

Again, I kept things pretty out of season but I had just gotten this blazer from Liz for Christmas and was dying to wear it.

I'm wearing:
Blazer- Forever 21
Shirt- Thrifted
Pants- Thrifted at Buffalo Exchange
Belt- Thrifted at Village Discount
Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Christmas present bought at American Eagle

{Max even let us take a picture of him!}

Anna looked amazing that day! I wasn't home to see her get ready so her outfit was a great surprise.

She's wearing:
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Tights- Target
Sweater- borrowed from Marybeth
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- Can't remember
Headband- Charming Charlie

{I made her the cute collar as a Christmas present. I got the idea while stumbling through blogs.}

Here's Anna and I outside our grandparents house. We were sad we didn't have a white Christmas this year. But I was just happy that I got to spend this year's Christmas with Anna. I'll be lonely without her next year. :[

{The "infinity table" at the Flores'. Keeps getting longer!}
{A shot of the family room filled with family. :]}

{Liz and Joe looking cute as always. Maybe next year there will be a little bundle of joy between them.. eh?}

 So that was what Christmas looked like this year! It's great to have so much family around and to be able to celebrate each new year the way we do.

Speaking of New Year... New Years Eve this year was a blast! Max's sister, Brooke, and her girlfriend, Sam, hosted a Mafia themed party at their house this year! It was so much fun using the week in between Christmas and New Years to shop for an outfit worthy of Mafia night. And even though the night went by so fast, it was still so much fun! Perfect way to ring in the new year! It was crazy to think, as I looked around the crowed living room and at every one counting down to midnight, how much had changed since last year and how much was still the same. I was glad Anna was here this year though. I cried last year from missing her so much! (alcohol didn't help either haha)

Here are a few shots from the night!

{I bought Max's suit at a thrift store for $12! He looks GREAT in it! Anna found this fur shawl at Goodwill and the dress I'm wearing was one of Anna's old homecoming dresses and she let me borrow her shoes and costume jewelry.}
Needless to say, it was crazy! But also the BEST! Wish I had gotten a picture of the next day. Their floor was so sticky from large amounts of who knows what being spilled on it all night and their counter was filled with half finished bottles of alcohol! haha We really appreciated them having the party at their house though and I tried to help clean up the next morning as best I could. Brooke and Sam are the best! 

January 1st 2012 also happens to be Max and my 3 year anniversary! So we left Brooke and Sam's around 2 or 3 pm and went home to get ready for our date at Melting Pot, the most delicious fondue restaurant around! 

{Max looked adorable that night. I look like a hot mess here. haha But it was an unforgettable night.}
{Our waiter surprised us with this little treat! 3 candles for 3 years. <3}
Dinner was amazing and afterwards Max came over to my house where we popped open a bottle of champagne, turned on a movie, and cuddled on the couch with our puppy. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm so grateful for the amazing life I have and for all the wonderful people I get to share my life with.

Well, that about wraps things up. Anna's visiting her boyfriend Cole this weekend and when she gets back it's back to work for her being a great substitute again. :] School starts for me in a week. I'm really looking forward to this semester. It's going to be my last semester at ECC and then... well I'm not sure what's next to be honest. But I just hope that whatever my future holds I'll always have the people who mean so much to me around. I hope you guys all had happy holidays and grand new years! 

See you around,

P.S. Can I use the word amazing any more?? haha

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