Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jean Jackets Are Cool

Today was a busy day at work, but that's okay. I like being busy, it makes the day go by more quickly. I had three 80 minute 4th grade classes and a 40 minute daycare class. Also, my computer was removed from my classroom yesterday afternoon, so I was without a computer. I guess they're taking it away so they can convert it to English (because all the programs are in Korean...), so I can use my computer more efficiently, instead of mainly using it to check up on facebook or youtube or tumblr... I mean.. what? Who does that....

The day was so full of classes, though, that it hardly mattered that I didn't have a computer. Plus, I was able to delve deeper in the futuristic world of Panem. That's right! I'm reading The Hunger Games. I like it so far. I'm about 150 pages in to the first book, and I'm hoping to finish it by April 5th, when it will be released here in Korea.

Today is the first day I went to school without a winter coat! Hooray, spring has arrived! Later than Chicago, it seems... And what better way to celebrate Spring but with a floral dress and a denim jacket! Cole hates it, but what does he know about lookin' fly? Very little. I'll reiterate my point: jean jackets are cool.

I took these outfit pictures after work today. I forgot to put on a slip under my skirt when I left, so it kept bunching when I walked! But I couldn't go home to change once I got to school. When I got out, though, I returned home, adorned a slip (talked to Cole via skype for a bit...) and then went back outside to take advantage of the daylight (even if it was a little overcast). I decided to explore close to home, and found a small park by my school. I was visited by some students of mine who were playing at the nearby playground. First the boys came over, then a few girls. Of course they were curious what their "Teacher Anna" was doing, with her self timer camera. I explained that I had a blog, and they seemed to understand. Maybe they'll come check it out! (So let's keep it clean, Marybeth ;) ).

reverting back to my ballet poses, hahahaha.
dress, denim jacket, shoes: thrifted
belt: Toona (Korea)
earrings: icing
tights: Forever21
lol, another ballet pose....?
i regrettably forgot all my belts at home! i'm going to ask my mom/sister to pack them up and send them here though! but this was a good replacement. cute little bow, right?
a few 6th grade boys. aren't they cool? too cool for school...
this is something korean girls do to cover their face. sometimes they'll just do it to cover their jawline because they think their faces are too wide (which is crazy, because they're not). korean's have a very specific idea of beauty. these girls are just being shy.

On an unrelated note: I went walking to the market the other day (which, by the way, is right down the street from my apartment building. yay!) and I found this little shop, Vintage Story. Well, I had to go in, right? I've been wondering if there are any stores around here that cater to my thrifty/vintage sensibility, and I seemed to find one nearby! Now, I only stopped in for a moment, because I was meeting someone, but I went back with the few friends later in the week. It's a very small store, and there were 5 of us, not counting the 2 women who were working there, so there wasn't much room to move around. Regardless, I intend to go back and do some more rummaging. I did manage to buy some shirts at the market for pretty cheap (they have a lot of random things there...). I'll post pictures of those soon!

also... moss covered teapots?
And we'll end on this Alice in Wonderland meets Secret Garden display I walked past on my way to the market. You can't climb inside, I already checked...


edit: i had to remove a photo with some graffiti in the background because it said something inappropriate in korean. as a teacher, i suppose i shouldn't condone that... oops. my bad!


  1. beautiful dress!! i like so much your blog
    I love vintage style and korea !!
    I follow you
    Grettings from South America :D

    1. well, thank you very much! it's so nice to know we've got some love from south america!