Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Style Icon: Rachel Berry!

Yes, we'll admit it, Bette and I are gleeks. I'm not sure how proud of it she is, but I consider it my guilty pleasure. I feel like it shouldn't like it because of how ridiculous things are on that show, and yet... I love musicals and stupid teenage drama and Kurt and Blaine.

But this is about Miss Rachel Berry, the Barbara Streisand loving, attention mongering, Finn dating (Finn marrying..?) shining star at McKinley High School in little ole Lima, Ohio. Sure, she can be somewhat abrasive and a hog for the spotlight, but she has gotten better. When the show began, Rachel Berry was at the stop of my list of most annoying characters, just behind Terry, Will Schester's crazy ex-wife (who faked a pregnancy. WHO DOES THAT?). But she has since toned it down. That or I'm getting used to her...

However you feel about her, you can't deny the girl has style. What did she call it? Sort of a sexy school girl librarian chic? Yeah, there's something so girly and dainty about her frills and cutesy prints. And yet, the short hem lines make the cute just a little more mature. I am all about mid-thigh hems, if you couldn't already tell... Somethings are a little exaggerated, but thats TV... no... that's just Rachel Berry; she can't do anything just a little bit.


Rachel Berry, you keep on singing your heart out. You're fabulous and you know it. Don't settle for anything less than stardom, darling.

Anna and Marybeth


  1. Rachel Berry has the style I would have if I were a girly preppster.. I love seeing her outfits every episode!

    xo Jennifer