Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brides and Buffets

I went to a Korean wedding this weekend. A teacher friend of Elly's was getting married, and Elly asked if I'd like to attend in lieu of her husband who had to stay home with their daughter, Dorothy. We took the subway into Seoul, but it was a long trip, plus we had to transfer subways, so we arrived kind of late! lol typical... it was pretty lax though, so we came in and sat down for the last few minutes of it. It was a very traditionally Christian wedding, but you'll notice the mothers of the bride and groom have traditional Korean dresses on. They will have this western style wedding, but will also have a traditional Korean ceremony too. I think the bride looks so beautiful! She started crying at the end there, awwww.
After the ceremony ended, everyone went downstairs for the dinner. In Korea, they don't typically have a reception with food and drinks and dancing and toasts; they just have a dinner. In fact, I didn't even see the bride and groom down there. Also, Elly told me that it's not uncommon for guests to come to the wedding, say hi to the bride and groom briefly, skip the ceremony and head right to the food. Ha! I like their style.... But to be honest, the ceremonies are never very long. Maybe a half hour? I'm sure they could wait... but oh well, no feelings are hurt, I guess.

So the food.... Oh, the food! There was so much! They had green vegetables, soups, meats, fruits, desserts, sushi, seafood; it went on and on! And as a girl who loves Asian cuisine and just food in general, I couldn't decide where to start! A lot of food in Korea is spicy, but luckily, none of the food I picked up was too bad.. I need to have a buffet like this at my wedding. Maybe not all Asian, as Marybeth and my dad probably wouldn't like that, but an endless buffet? Awesome! Oh it costs money to feed all those people? Eh.. details...
can you spot the elly?
Also, a little over a week ago, Elly treated Tom and I to dinner, which was super nice of her. We went to this restaurant, Vips in the Hyundai Department Store. Or was it UPlex? I don't know.. they're two malls right next to each other... Anyway, we ordered steaks to share and then had a buffet food to devour. I had, like, three pieces of cheesecake... drool...

So say hello to Elly and her daughter, Dorothy! Dorothy named herself after she saw the Wizard of Oz. So cute, right!?
Also meet Tom, the soldier who works at our school. He likes to practice his English with Elly and I during lunch at school. Plus he's just an all around nice guy. He helped me out with my cellphone issues! In fact, he gave me his old phone to use while I wait for my Alien Registration Card (when it arrives I can buy a new phone).

All right, bye everyone!



  1. i didn't think to ask elly to take a picture of me... and i changed into some comfortable clothes as soon as i got home, lol.

  2. Okay,so Katie has busted me out and found out I have been following you and your sister's blog, LOL.
    Last Sunday she threw some fruit snacks into our shopping cart to send to you. She really misses you, and now I'm kinda angry she only let me to her room to get in a quick hug and say 'hi' before you left when you were over here!!
    I know how much your sister misses you (by following your blog), I know how much Katie misses you, I can only IMAGINE how much your mom misses you, and I miss you too.
    If you ever want for anything, let me or Katie know and we'll do our best to make it happen while you're over there.
    BTW, LOL, you have to tell your sister, last year I drove by one day on my way home from work and honked and waved at whom I thought was you...but Katie told me you were at school so apparently it was MB I honked at...LOL, she waved just the same :) (but looked confused like, who is that psycho honking and waving at me?)

    1. hahaha, that's so funny about he drive by! (how many times have you hear that..?)

      and i'm so glad you read our blog! it's a really nice way to keep everyone at home up to date on what i'm doing and the things i'm seeing. of course, i miss everyone, but i'm also happy to be exploring some new place all on my own ^^ (<how koreans do smiley faces. cute, right?). i'm looking forward to her package and i'm on the lookout for cool stuff to send back!