Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just recently purchased this adorable shirt from wowch.com. They have such a collection of funny T-shirts, dresses, tights all with funny animals. Really cute stuff. 
But I realize I've been slacking with my posts on here. The problem is I'm home alone while everyone is at work and then I leave for work by the time everyone get home! I've tried taking pictures myself but they just don't turn out as well as I would have hoped. I'm thinking about asking for a remote for my camera so that I might be able to take pictures of myself without having to constantly go back to my camera and press the self-timer. We'll see. 
The winery was really fun, however, I forgot to charge my camera and so we don't really have any pictures to show of it besides one shot our other sister, Liz, got on her Iphone. It's not the greatest. But Lynfred Winery is really beautiful. It's located in Roselle, Ill and you could almost drive right by it. It's in what looks to be a huge old house, but very well kept, with ivy growing all along it on the outside and the inside is just amazing. So very warm and inviting. They have the brewers inside and you can look down at them from above. They have a special V.I.P area where you get to sample 3 wines and 3 cheeses, they also give you some chocolate, fruit, meat or crackers, and breadsticks all for only $20 a person! But Max's (my boyfriend) mom had a certificate for 10 people to go so we got a group together and had an amazing time. I've gone twice before this with my mom, Max's mom, his sister and her girlfriend, his brothers wife, Liz, and family friends. It's sort of become an annual event. I'm glad Anna was here to finally go for her first time! I hope she enjoyed it. It was a little more crowded than it has been in the past and we were kind of sitting at a different table than everyone else because we arrived late, but it was still a lot of fun. 
Thanksgiving is almost here, guys! I'm so looking forward to good food, good wine, and good company. :] Not to mention, good outfits! Because it's true, you don't need a special event to look nice, but when one comes up you really go all out! haha I cannot wait because once Thanksgiving is over, the real fun starts, and you put up Christmas decorations, begin shopping for presents, and there is just s certain feeling that comes over the area when Christmas approaches. I've been feeling it a little now, with Thanksgiving so close. There are more cars in our neighbors driveways as their family shows up to spend the time with them, you can see people preparing and it just gets me excited thinking about the comfy time you have with your family inside while it's cold and getting colder outside, and you just feel.. I don't know, comfortable, I suppose. ::sigh:: Looking forward to it. <3

{Shirt: wowch.com, sweater: Target, pants: Hollister, shoes: Payless, necklace: Macys}

{Action shot! It was pretty windy that day}

Love always,

P.S. Anna and I, along with my best friend Shelly, made a really cute video lip syncing to "Get Happy" by Judy Garland. I won't post the video here haha but here are some shots off my phone of our 'get happy' dresses!
{I know, I know. I'm not feelin' my lumpy dress either but it was the best picture we could get after a couple glasses of wine. haha!}

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