Monday, November 14, 2011

Pan, Tilt, Zooooom!

Bette had me take pictures for her earlier today, so that made me want to post too. I see she hasn't had a chance to upload them yet, so I will beat her to it by uploading my own. I had my mom take pictures today, because Marybeth is at work until late. I think she did an all right job. My mom, that is. We'll give her plenty more time to practice, though, right Bette?

I subbed at a high school today, teaching a Broadcasting class. I was actually very impressed! I learned the stuff ther're learning as a senior at Winona State (but to be fair, I was only a minor and got into video production later than most..). I was also kind of jealous; I wish I had had cool equipment like that at my high school! And while I thought I'd be a real help to these kids, with all my fancy college educated broadcasting knowledge, they really didn't need my help at all. Ha!

Now the clothes. I just got this dress at T.J.Maxx for $7! I wore it to the winery this weekend (which Marybeth may go into. I've rambled enough myself), but I wanted to wear it teaching too. It was really pleasant out today, so I opted for no tights. Freedom! And ashy knees...
dress: T.J.Maxx, denim jacket, shoes: thrifted, socks: Target, sweater, earrings: American Eagle, belt: off of a skirt from Forever21
My favorite shoes, which were replaced by Marybeth after her adorable, yet naughty, dog chewed up my other pair.

More to come,

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