Friday, April 27, 2012

Strange Fruit

Strange week. I had orientation this week, which was an experience: new people, average lectures, no drinking at a far away resort. No school, so a vacation of sorts. Broke up with my boyfriend when I arrived home. It was overdue. A painful thing to do, but necessary. I was listening to the song Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday before I made this post, therefore, the name of the post. I'm kind of strange and the week has been kind of bittersweet.... 

I wore this to work on Thursday, and took pictures as I walked to meet some friends for a birthday shindig (happy birthday, cathy btw!!). Favorite dress, old heels, star wars pin. Nothing outrageous. Beautiful day.
dress: thrifted
sweater: American Eagle
shoes: don't remember
earrings: Icing (sale! aww yeah)
tights: Target (probably)
pin: Marcus Theaters
c-3po and r2d2 pin from the rerelease of phantom menace.  it's a good replacement for a lost button.
Chin up. Smile. Carry on as best you can.


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  1. You looked photoshopped into these! hahah Really pretty area!