Sunday, April 29, 2012

Start of wedding season!

I love weddings! We went to an amazing wedding last night at Stan Mansion in Chicago. The mansion was ridiculously gorgeous but nothing compared to the bride! I have to say that my favorite part about weddings is the dancing. The girls and I danced our asses off last night! hahah

Dress: Akira
Shoes: Payless
Gauges: Funk E. Breeze

I've been dying to wear this dress somewhere! I bought it in Chicago when I was there for my birthday.   I also eventually put on a a pearl necklace that I bought a Macy's. 

I painted my nails this cute coral pink which, funny enough, was a part of the color scheme for the wedding! Matching!

These have been my most have most wear gauges lately because I had a limited options.

But this past week a bought these 3 pairs of gauge converters on Etsy. I'm so happy because now I can put my old dangly earrings, that I couldn't wear anymore, on these babies and be all ready to go! 

~A few shots~
{Max and me}

{Brooke and Sam}

I finally got an iphone and instantly downloaded instagram! haha I've been taking so many pictures with it. I had packed a little hand bag to bring little supplies with me to the reception but totally forgot it at the hotel along with my phone. :/ So I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but oh well. I've got a lot of mental images saved up here. haha Thank you, Mike and Victoria, for having us at your wedding and congratulations again! 



  1. So stunning! That dress is to-die-for.

  2. What a lovely dress! Glad you had fun at the wedding! I've only been to one wedding recently (my sister's), but it was quite a nice time :)

    1. Thank you! I love the family friendly dancing at weddings, ya know? You still get to shake what you've got but in a more conservative way. haha!