Monday, April 16, 2012

Flores, Flowers, 꽃

I went to the Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido this weekend to see all the cherry blossom trees in bloom. Unfortunately, most of the flowers had not sprung from their dainty little buds yet. Something about being the weather being colder for longer this year... But I'm anticipating going back this upcoming weekend, when I'm sure the trees will be much more full ^^

In the meantime, there are plenty of flowers to be seen and smelled around Bucheon, and especially around my school. Here are some bright beautiful buds for you to enjoy!

okay, this one has seen better days, but i couldn't leave it out! lol, although right after i snapped this picture, another petal fell off. oh no!

In addition to the real flowers, I also wore a frock today with my own flowers. A flower clad in flowers surrounded by flowers. Ah, the beauty of it.

And as I was inventorying everything I was wearing, it seems to be heavily influenced by Marybeth. I mean, I've either adopted or stolen much of the outfit from her. Lol, oh well! It's not like she hasn't gone through all the clothes I've had to leave behind. Who knows what will still be there when i get back! And besides, of what I took, she can easily replace; their basic pieces, the tank and tights.

Either way, thanks, Bette. I was reminded of how wonderful and stylish you are. And how totally forgiving you are also ;)

dress: adopted from Bette
(tag says Old Navy)
sunglasses: also Old Navy
shoes, jacket: thrifted
tank: stolen from Bette (sorry! kind of..)
tights:... also Marybeth's?
necklace: flapperdoodle
(definitely not Marybeth's as she has her own)
chaaa! all that jazz!
I hope to be back soon with pictures from the Flower Festival. It should be gorgeous.

Miss you, Bette! How's my cat?

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