Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sexy Thigh-highs

Last weekend, I traveled to the southern island town of Jindo in the Jeollanam-do Province for the Jindo Miracle Sea Festival. The sea opens up due to a change in tide and a mile and a half "road" connects the mainland to a nearby island. Hundreds of people come every year. It was really crazy to witness! 
Don't you just LOVE these stunning orange rubber boots? Giving a whole new take on sexy thigh-highs, huh? I also wore some comfortable traveling clothes, which includes the cool, polka dot button-up shirt I bought at the traditional market a couple of weeks ago. It's got a cute little rounded collar too. Hello layering!
shirt: open market, Korea
pants: American Eagle
jacket: borrowed from Cathy (thanks!)
bag: Payless
boots: Jindo convenience store
lol, failed jump shot.
I and a group of three other girls took a 6 hour bus ride to the southern island and stayed in a nearby home. Jindo is extremely small, so there aren't very many motels/pensions to stay in. Luckily we found this lady who rents out rooms in her home to visitors. She and her husband were really sweet, but they didn't speak a word of English, only Korean! We managed, though, and had a wonderful stay. Thanks, ajumma!
our cozy, little room ^^
The festival was along the coast and there were a number of different shows/tents set up along the strip. Mostly we just went along for the ride, since we didn't really know what everyone was saying, lol, but the costumes and music were fun enough. There were a lot of people too, Koreans and foreigners alike. People come from all over! We arrived in the late afternoon on Saturday, so we mingled around a bit, did the walk from island to island, had some pretty shady fair food and then were at a loss as to what to do once the festival was over around 7. Jindo is a beautiful island, but man, it's night life is seriously lacking. In fact, it's seriously nonexistent. We headed back to the ajumma's house around 7:30, ate some ramen, and hung out there until we curled up on the floor atop layers of blankets to sleep for the night. 
jindo puppies!

oh, hey, moses.
The next day we left around 3, so we explored the grounds a bit more, climbing up on the amphitheater seats and beyond to a sweet little lookout. It was so nice getting a change of scenery. I miss seeing grass. The fresh, sea air was nice too. I don't think I could live in a city for too long. I would miss nature too much! I mean, I don't want to go to the other extreme either and live in a cabin in the woods, but some wildlife/greenery is nice to balance out all the concrete and people.

I had a wonderful time, and look forward to more trips in the future. I'm staying in this foreign country, I would hate myself if I didn't take advantage of all the opportunities to see and experience all these cool new things!

Until next time,

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