Thursday, June 28, 2012

Positively Super!

I recently purchased a lacey top from Forever21 to pair with dresses or tops that would otherwise not be suitable for school (ie. sleeveless). I wanted to get something other than a cardigan type piece. So how could I resist when I found this little number on sale? AND it's navy blue? My favorite color to wear? Wonderful!
dress: thrifted
shirt: Forever21
shoes: ebay
watch: gift

my example, awesome anna

I've also included projects my students from my after school class have done. I have fourteen 5th and 6th graders each week, seven on Mondays and seven on Wednesdays, for 80 minutes each. I am free to teach whatever I want, so I decided to teach lessons that incorporated some type of art project, being so fond of it myself. Kids here don't have art classes, which is a damn shame. Creativity isn't really nurtured here. I mean, it's not discouraged, it's just not really available unless they pursue it on their own, and no doubt, after their other school work has been completed. So here I am to help these kids harvest their creativity! Although, creating lessons to practice English while offering an engaging art project for 10-12 year olds is kind of a tough en devour. Sometimes they understand, and sometimes they just smile and nod, haha.

One of our projects was creating a superhero. So the kids decided if they wanted to be a superhero or a supervillian and then we discussed powers they could have. They picked out names and created a city to defend (or wreak havoc in). Then they designed their superhero/villian! I even let them use my nice Prisma Color markers.
the instant comfort pocket box

Another recent project was based on positivity. I taught them positive words and positive actions, as well as how to compliment others. We had to practice, of course, so I had each one give each other compliments ("You're good at soccer", "I think you're handsome", "I like your teeth" are some examples, haha, some better than others). Then we made these little boxes with encouraging words, an idea I got from artist, Kim Welling.

I'm really proud of the work they're doing! It's a struggle to find the right words to understand each other, but images are a universal language :)

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