Saturday, June 9, 2012

It is what it is..

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrift
Earrings: Esty/gift
Necklace: Gift

These were taken on Wednesday which is trivia today!!! Every Wednesday night Elgin Public House hosts a trivia night! Our team is called It is what it is and there's an interesting back story to that but I won't get into it now. ;D haha Our team consists of Bill and Janine, Brooke and Sam, Brynn and her father, John, and Steve! Plus me and whoever anyone else decides to bring that night. Anna was way better than I am at trivia. I bet our team wishes I'd gone to Korea so she could have stayed and helped out more. But we do okay! The night these were taken we had won first place! YAY!

This skirt I got at Village Discount a while back but I haven't worn it at all because I never had the right shirt to wear with it. But the other day I found this cute cream shirt at Forever 21 and it has been the completing object of maaaany of my outfits lately. I can officially say I'm in love. :] The gauges I'm wearing are the ones I got on Etsy where you can attach dangly earrings too and I love this pair that Shelly gave me. I wear them allll the time now!
{Our host, Nick!}

{Sam's door prize!}

{Our insanely smart team!}

One of our prizes that night was this really cute watch, Dos Maderas. It needs a new battery though but that's okay because we also won a $25 gift certificate to Shockey's Jewelry in Elgin where I can go to get my new watch battery! Hip hip hooray! 

We're leaving for the cruise in 4 days! Try not to miss me too much and I hope Anna posts some cool things while I'm away!

Our parents are out of town this weekend so I've got the house, my mom's car, and the pool all to myself! I've been enjoying it to the fullest in between work shifts. :]  A girl could get used to this kind of life!

All for now!

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