Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nautical Nonsense

Who lives in a hut close by the sea? AN-NA FLO-RES! Who drinks lots of beer and eats bacon and cheese? AN-NA FLO-RES! Her nautical nonsense is not something to miss. AN-NA FLO-RES! So jump on aboard, there's a new kitty to kiss! AN-NA FLO-RES AN-NA FLO-RES AN-NAAAAA FLO-REEEEES

Eh, it's not my best work... and much of the rhythm is a bit of a stretch, but I had to commit once I started! There are quite a few things I want to mention, so bear with me....
Firstly, this outfit is from school today. I usually opt for dresses, because they're just one piece. But then I remember that I have skirts I like to wear, so I make the effort to pair them with something. Also, white and navy horizontal stripes just screams nautical to me. Ahoy! 

It had been too long since a last post, so I took upon myself to update. Now, Bette just got back from her cruise this weekend (that's her excuse for the lack of posts), so I'm sure she'll be posting pictures of that soon enough. I'm sure there will be pictures that I will be so jealous of (Wizarding World of Harry Potter anyone?), but I want to see all that she saw. Make this happen, Bette.

shirt: thrifted
skirt: Forever21
shoes: ebay
necklace: garage sale
earrings: Icing (sale!)
belt: Toona (Korea)
watch: gift

 I had an open class this week. That means that faculty from our school come and sit in our class. It can be kind of nerve racking because their essentially critiquing your performance. I mean, the people who sat in on ours were not cynical people, so that helped. It also helped that the vice principal, who was supposed to show up, didn't.

Elly chose our topic, and she chose to teach about race. No, not the kind like the tortoise and the hare and winning and losing, but in that the tortoise is black and the hare is Asian and the hare is kind of racist (a whole other kind of loser). Anyway, a tough topic to teach children, especially if they don't understand much of the target language. But we had is planned carefully and the kids responded well to it (we taught them the "Don't Laugh at Me. Don't Call Me Names" song, Bette, hahaha!) and we got through it. Yaaay! Now to repeat for next week, different class with regional representatives, not just our school faculty.

 Also, bonus, on my walk around to find somewhere to take pictures/eat, I came across a lady with her birds. Kissy kissy, 'dawww their so cuuuute.
 Next! I went to the eastern island of Muuido for a friend's birthday. We stayed in these little huts on the beach, or it was so cool! The tide, though, was crazy, so when we arrived there (after walking a lot, a ferry, and a hot, sweaty bus), the tide was soooo far out. Like, maybe a half mile? I don't know, they were talking in kilometers and I just knew it was a long walk over wet sand and small crabs. It was wonderful when a few of us actually made it to the water. It got even better when they tide moved it's way in. It felt so good to frolic in the water. I've missed it. And I miss our pool back home...

But anyway, I digress, food, drinks, water, and birthday wishes and even a slackline (again) made for a fun, interesting weekend.

Aaaand.... we all had some stories to tell the next day. A personal favorite was the brief, beach romance between a friend of mine, and this chinstrap-clad guy named Amma Bear. Yeah. AMMA BEAR.  Say it out loud. Go ahead. Hahahaha!

And last but not least, I adopted a cat! Or more like took him off someone else's hands... He was going to be sent to a shelter otherwise...

He's a rambuncous, curious little guy who can be super cute and affectionate one moment, and a manic warrior the next. Also the curiosity is a little much.. he opens drawers, knocks shit over, climbs on EVERYTHING... but gosh, he is very darling... when he's calm, which he is at the moment of writing this post.

i mean, he watches psych with me, we have to be friends.

Until next time, my friends,

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