Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Tail of Two Cats

Ahh, puns...

What a tender moment captured between my Boots and me. He can be a real sweetheart. Almost obnoxiously so, when he crawls up by my face when I'm trying to sleep and nuzzles and licks my chin. Or when he climbs on my lap when it's clearly occupied by a laptop. He can be funny, when he jumps and tries to shimmy up the door frame towards the light switch I just touched. Or when he runs circles around me while I drag a mouse on a string around me on the bed. He also puts up with me when I pick him up like a baby, either under the armpits or cradled on his back, or when I scoop him up and spin around dancing with his legs flying out from the inertia.

But sometimes he can be a real pain in the ass. He bites me everyday. Not in an aggressive way, in a playful way, but it's really obnoxious. I had his front paws declawed soon after I got him. I had him neutered too, since he was still fairly young, not yet a year. I think maybe that's why he bites, to compensate for the lack of claws, but I had hoped his crazy antics would settle down after he was fixed. I haven't noticed any real change. I've had cats for forever, and I've never had one as naughty as this one. I've also never owned a male cat either, though. Maybe that has something to do with his energy and destructive personality. I also hoped age would settle him down. He just turned a year this month (so says me, since when I got him in June, and his past owners told me he was 6 months old), and he's still pretty much the same. Maybe he needs some more time, and some healthy discipline (I've tried so much. I'm on squirting him with a water bottle now, a couple weeks in..). I'm still hopeful. I mean, he loves me, he just doesn't RESPECT ME. Ugh, he's like a teenager... I assume...
dress: H&M
sweater: Old Navy
shirt: The Gap
tights: 8 Seconds (here in Korea)
necklace: American Eagle
bow: hair (cool, right?)

here comes the attack....

Boots! Why you attack me!?!
A well, we'll keep pluggin' along...

So, I'll be coming home for three weeks at the end of January until mid February and I couldn't me more excited! There are so many foods I want to eat and places I want to go see and foods I want to eat.. oh, yes, and my family of course, I can't wait to see them... so they can go with me to all the restaurants I want to visit... 

Also, my girl, Pinot. Pinot is my cat. She's my baby and I'm her mama. Almost two years ago, Bette found this little darlin' and took her home (as she is known to do). For the full story, read here. So, once I graduated, I got to take my girl back home with me! We lived a glorious 7 months together, until I decided to move to Korea, and not take her with me. I figured it was too much of an ordeal getting her over here, and I knew she was happy and welcome at home with my parents where she could roam around outside (she definitely needs that, and she would definitely not be able to get that here). But I am so excited to be reunited with her again very soon! I hope she still remembers me and loves me and missed me as much as I her. 
I'm comin' home, baby!


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