Wednesday, July 11, 2012


.... A Canadian tuxedo? Kind of. Denim shorts, but the shirt is actually chambray. Also, how much clothing actually constitutes a tuxedo? If it requires three pieces, then I'm lacking. This is the summer version. These pictures were taken in a hurry, as the sun was soon setting. I also had a few shots of me climbing this... this.. water tower? But they weren't all that good, and I was nervous to try it again with people walking around. Haha, oh well. I can always come back.
shirt: thrifted
shorts: ebay
shoes: Payless?
necklace: antique show

Also, paper mache in my after school class! I'm teaching them about the planets and space, so we're making a a whole solar system to display in the class room and in the hallway. It's good, messy fun :)

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