Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Kid

We're getting a little childish today. Cartoons. Polka-dots. Dinosaurs. Who doesn't love a good romp around outside? I even hopped a fence to get to this location, which was just fun for the sake of climbing shit. I could've walked around to the gateway, but that's not fun... I've always been a big fan of climbing trees, but I don't remember the last time I climbed one.. I was never a very physically active kid. Bette was always better at that, but tree climbing, I liked. There's not much opportunity anymore, I feel. Sure there are tons of trees around, just asking to be climbed, but it's just not as easy to decide out of the blue to climb a tree. Maybe I should designate my next excursion to be a tree climbing one. Go tree climbing hunting. What did you do as a kid that you don't do much anymore?

Korean shopping: I got this "Totoro" sweatshirt at the traditional market near my apartment for 5,000 won, which is the equivalent to, like, $5. Huzzah! Who doesn't love Totoro? Who hasn't seen Totoro?! Because you need to experience Totoro. He's just so cuuuute and funny. He's like my dream man. Er... Anyway, the tights are from a subway station. Yep, subway stations here have a lot of shops including restaurants and convenience stores and clothing stores. I usually just walk by because I'm on my way to meet someone, but I decided I wanted to stop one day and buy these fun polka-dot tights. And they've been so much fun to pair with different things.

 Korean Market
 shorts: ebay
 tights: Hapjeong subway station
 shoes: Target (they say Divided?)
 dino earrings: thrifted

Go do something fun this weekend! I'm going to a lantern festival today! Yaaay!

Also, this post is dedicated to our floofy cat, Chippy, who passed away this week. She was our sister for 19 years, most of our lives, and she'll be missed a lot. She went while being outside in the sunshine. We love you, girl. 


  1. I went for a run at Kimball field today and half way through I decided to just climb trees by the parking lot. So much fun. But I jumped down right as a family was riding by on their bikes and they were spooked.