Monday, December 12, 2011

First snow!

{Our backyard}
We had our first snow of this winter! The night it snowed Anna and I were hanging out with two of our friends and when it was time to go we came up from the basement to see the beautiful flurries coming down outside! We were hanging out at home so needless to say our friends were not as excited about the slight snow on the ground because they were going to have to drive home in it, but I walked them out to their cars and I kid you not it looked like it was glittering out. It was so beautiful. :] It's kind of sad that the first snow of this year's winter was so late though. We're in December and this is our first snow?? Seems like global warming is real. 

Global warming or not the first snow fall means it's officially time to bring out my winter jacket! Well, one of them at least. This is actually one of Anna's old jackets but I am seriously in love with it and have adopted it unofficially. 

This outfit I wore to lunch with Max and his family including his aunt Chris and uncle Paul visiting from Texas and their niece who we spent 16 hours in a car with once when we all took a road trip to Chris and Paul's home in Texas. She's super sweet and really cool too so it was very nice to see her again. We went to this Polish restaurant in Harwood heights, which is right by Chicago. It's called Old Warsaw Buffet and is seriously decked out. The Polish really know how to accessorize a restaurant. :D I've been there a couple times before with his family. It's sort of a tradition to celebrate Christmas there with members of the family that they won't see on Christmas. It's always nice to be with the O'Neill's. They are the best. 
I have finals this week but I can honestly say that I'm not stressing out too much. It might be because I don't really have much of a heavy load this semester with only 3 classes but I like to think that it's because I really did learn a lot. haha Two finals down already and one more to go on Thursday and then I'll finally be on break! I'm very excited. 

{Jean jacket and dress: thrifted, belt: borrowed from Anna, tights: Forever 21, shoes: Payless}

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