Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas wish list!

Just thought I'd pop in for a bit and let you all know what's on my Christmas list this year!
I'm still technically calling this my last Christmas as the baby of the family, even though I know we're going to be buying a lot of baby stuff for Liz and Joe, the baby won't be here until April so it's still me. Although, even just thinking about having a baby to buy for next year is getting me so freaking excited!! 

Coffee is a new thing for me. I never used to drink it and still find it quite awful tasting but I have been relying on 5 hour energies for a while now and I need to put a stop to it. My mom is letting me borrow her camper Keurig but she said she wants it back by summer so I guess I'll need to get my own! haha

These lens are a must have for me! I just updated my phone to the Iphone 5c and I was really considering going outside the iPhone family to the nokia lumia for it's camera but I was too intimidated about having to learn a whole new phone and I guess they have some limited options for apps. I love my new phone but these little bugs would be the icing on the cake.

Who wouldn't want the complete Boy Meets World Series DVDs?

And of course money or gift cards. Unfortunately, I have a few big ticket items so I might not be getting a lot of that this year. But I have so much I want to buy as well. I haven't been clothes shopping for myself in a while, busy buying groceries and dog food, and the last time I did go shopping I went to Old Navy. Which isn't a bad place anymore (I used to hate it) but I still find myself thinking "Old Navy, really??" I really need to go thrifting soon and I have a craving to hit up Urban Outfitters that my wallet can't fill. But we shall see what the future holds. There's always my birthday in February as well! I'll be 23, what the heck?! And Anna is going to be 25 in December. When did this happen?!




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